2024 WVB Finals

May 3rd, 2024 @ 1:00 PM

Sticht Lecture Hall

Countdown to the Finals








The finals will take place in Sticht Lecture Hall and will be livestreamed on this page! The livestream will be visible below when it is turned on!

Nine teams competed for their share of over $26,000!

How it works

Each team advancing to the finals made it through a rigorous round of review by independent reviewers, who scored the teams’ pitches based on criteria such as their solution to a real problem, their forecasted costs & revenue, and their unfair advantage.

Each team pitched to a panel of judges. Presentations were 8 minutes long, followed by 6 minutes of Q&A.

The Competitors


Mentorship through woodworking projects to restore father-figure relationships in the lives of boys and young men.

Ethan David ’24

Luke Mantzell ’24

Michael Crowley ’25


Fortifly partners with healthcare providers specializing in eating disorder treatment by gamifying healthy habit building within a supportive community.

Audrey Karwowski ’26

Eleni Kasianides ’26

Emma Fiscus ’25

Natalie Gilkinson ’27

Owen Gasser ’26

*Joel Riehl ’26

*Not Pictured

Hygiene Hive

Hygiene Hive promotes positive physical and mental health of students by providing free and accessible hygiene product subscription boxes directly to children in low-funding school districts.

Megan Dewing ’26

Reagan Mays ’27

Emily Haught ’27

Jocelyn Bolumen ’27

Eillie Gardner ’27


Wearable RFID solutions to improve safety and bring convenience to college campuses across the US.

Caroline Dawson ’25

Quincy Chapman ’25

Meet Cute

An innovative dating platform that connects compatible singles with local businesses to go on discounted first dates, with the goal of fostering real connections and reimagining online dating to benefit both the user and the local venue.

Katelyn Rose Emmons ’24

Elliott Stratton ’24

Joey Guida ’24


A SaaS marketing consulting platform for the middle market powered by AI.

Luke Owen ’24

David Lugo ’24

Caleb Warrick ’24

Sleek Real Estate Photography

Sleek Realestate Photography delivers friendly service, breathtaking media, and 12-hour turnaround times.

Gus Minotto ’24

Striker Socks

An athletic sock that relieves calf pressure and reduces ligament injuries through grips on the bottom and breathable fabric in the back.

Aly Mapes ’24

Katie Blendermann ’24

Nate Hamel ’24


A peer to peer tooling, equipment, and service rental application to help users monetize their clutter while reducing tool waste.

Elliot Eyre ’24


Vote for the Fan Favorite award during the event!

During the Wolverine Venture Battle, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for your favorite team via text!

The winner of the Fan Favorite vote will receive a $1000 cash prize.

Check back here during the competition for more information on how to cast your vote!

Wolverine Venture Battle 2024 Sponsors

Heartfelt thanks to our sponsors for their generous support.



Laura (Koller ’11) and RJ Fryan ‘08

The Habbershon Family:
Tim ’81, Grant ’06, Meredith ’07, Jonathan ’09, and Natalie ‘11

Dan Creston '81

                  The Pentz Family:                                     Mark ‘81, Cheri ‘79,                    Michael ‘06, Yvonne ‘06

              John '68 & Betsy Baun                            Charitable Foundation              (Pittsburgh Foundation)

Elizabeth (Smith ’81)

and Peter Hanley

                  Susan (Peshek ’81)                    and Peter Durfee ‘80


Three (3) hours accounting/financial consultation

Cedric E. Lewis, JD/MBA

Five (5) hours business liability consultation

One (1) year of webhosting

Thank you to our Reviewers!

Our reviewers faced the difficult task of narrowing the field of competitors down to the nine finalist teams.

Bob Baierl
Frances Baldwin
Toby Basalla ’98
Randy Beck ’85
Chris Botting ’83
Scott Brainard ’76
Mark Brody ’83
Craig Creaturo ’92
Jeff Curran ’85
Brad Dearborn ’78
Steve DeCaspers ’98
Benjamin Demers ’19
Brian Dutton
Stephen Eckert ’84
Andrew Ellison
Ruth Entwistle ’07
Dean Faklis
Collin Foster ’12
Beth Fox Lepore ’96


Chuck Gaetano ’74
Curt Given ’84
Alex Graham ’67
Matthew Hackworth ’97
Alex Halton ’20
Victoria Hassett ’12
Michael Hemmerlin ’97
Lindy B. Hitzel ’19
William Howell ’81
Melissa Jacobs ’92
Haley Kahle ’15
Bob Keller ’73
Jeff Lininger ’87
Darla Livermore
Don Lockhart
Evan Lowe ’89
Beth Marraccini ’92
Dean Marraccini

Lauren Marts ’10
Scott McDowell ’87
Mitch McFeely
Alan Mesches ’71
Trey Miller ’95
Robin Parsons
Mark Phillips ’09
Lydia Price ’13
Tiffany Rice ’18
Charles (Bob) Scott ’72
Alissa Sgro ’96
Steve Solman ’96
Cameron Suorsa ’21
Allyson Sveda ’88
Jill Sweet ’85
Jack Thomas ’89
Steve Wickman
Lesley Winfield