Today I’d like to share with you an application that is often brushed aside, yet could save your life. Ever heard of 1Password? You’ve probably rushed past it in the app store while looking for free games at some point. 1Password is the ultimate FREE internet security tool. “How does it work?”, you meekly ask. Well friends, come along and I will show you.

In the beginning, man creates a single master passcode to remember for the app. At your command, 1Password will generate large, unique, and otherwise difficult to hack passwords for whichever website you’d like. 1Password then remembers all of these passwords and can log you in from within the app. You can can even store your credit/debit card information on 1Password for quick access! As a person who’s had my Google and Twitter accounts hacked, I highly value this service.

If you are willing to pay, 1Password also offers passport and drivers license storage, as well as the ability to share passwords between multiple users. This is really only needed for larger business dealings, and the average casual user should for sure stick with the free version.

“I don’t really need that for my phone,” you wryly admit. And that’s alright, because 1Password is available FREE for Mac and PC as well. This is immensely useful for a business/college computer which visits many passworded websites. The alternative would be my father’s stone-age approach: keeping an unorganized notebook of scattered about website usernames and passwords. I personally have been using 1Password for a few years now, and it has yet to disappoint me. Here’s to you, 1Password! May it forever protect over our internet credentials.