For any entrepreneur trying to start a business her or she needs to start with one simple ingredient, an idea. Ideas are the foundation of any business and for that business to be a success that concept must be refined and molded into its best form. That is where comes in. is a “mind mapping” software tool that helps the user get a better grasp on their idea. This powerful creativity tool gives the user a variety of different layouts to produce the best online collaboration possible. One simply logs onto a ‘map’ and begin updating and changing your idea with as many people from around the world as you want. These people can comment and edit the map to get a better and clearer product with the smallest amount of personal hassle possible. The programs foundation is built on a fantastic visual experience that gives the user control over his or her ideas like never before. truly simplifies the brainstorming process to jump-start creativity.
One of the main benefits of services such as is the practicality of having the conversation in one place. Unlike many online meeting websites you do not have to be online at the same time as the other participants to change the idea or offer input. The users can simply log on and begin the creative process on their own time, even on the go. has launched an app for molding ideas on the go, modernizing the entire process and streamlining the efficiency of the project as a whole. There are many online meeting and discussion applications but when it comes to visuals and practicality of the completion seems old hat. Ideas and the creative process can often get distorted along the creative process. The goal of is to give the innovators of the world a tool that keeps the focus of their idea without it getting distorted along the way. I believe that has found the perfect balance of structure and creativity.