CloudOn is the perfect tool for the typical scatterbrained entrepreneur. With CloudOn, users can access their files from anywhere there’s Internet connectivity. Currently, CloudOn is free with any Windows smartphone. For those iOS and Android users, it’s available for purchase through their respective app stores. CloudOn works synonymous with Office 365 Suite.

If you are a student in most colleges such as Grove City College, you most likely have access to Office 365. CloudOn is the perfect tool for you if you want to stay connected anywhere! This tool is highly valuable to entrepreneurs. There are always those times where you meet that unexpected prospective investor or buyer and you are need of your work to show. With CloudOn, you are never left disconnected from your projects.

Another great feature of CloudOn is its versatility. Currently, CloudOn is compatible with Google Drive and Skydrive. All of these are cloud based storage services. These types of cloud based storage applications are very commonly used in the business world. Not only does CloudOn allow you to access your files remotely, it allows you to edit them in the respective Microsoft Office application. No other service allows you to do that. Google Docs offers something similar to this, but it doesn’t allow you to have access to the actual Office program like CloudOn does. If you are involved in a business that requires heavy use of an Office program or even a few of them, this service for you!

Since its initial launch in 2009, CloudOn has acquired over 9 million users and $26 million in funding for the project. In January of 2015, Dropbox expressed interest in purchasing CloudOn to add to their services already offered. As seen in class, Dropbox offers much of what CloudOn provided for its users. Dropbox took the skeleton of what was already established and morphed it into their services already offered. There is no coincidence that Dropbox is one of the most commonly used cloud based storage applications on the market. If you haven’t already explored a cloud based storage place for all of your important entrepreneurial things, go out and find one.