In today’s crazy market, almost everything is online. A business cannot make a name for themselves unless they are online. Potential consumers, returning customers, and investors use functions like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to learn more about and keep in contact with businesses all around the world. How can the budding entrepreneur be professionally famous online? WordPress. If you are an entrepreneurship major at Grove City College, you have definitely used this program to write blog posts, comment on others, keep up with major news, and create websites.

But it is not just college kids stressing over the software- by January of 2015, 23% of the top 10 million most popular websites were made using WordPress. The site is customizable with hundreds of pre-designed templates to choose from. Entrepreneurs can create a helpful blog, retail site, or personal website to communicate with consumers. If the templates are not exactly what the creator wants, WordPress has multiple plugins pre-installed to extend the functionalities of the site to provide easy navigation.

The best part- it is all FREE. The best price is no price. Even little start ups with tight budgets can become prosperous with WordPress. It is not unknown that the software helps all kinds of internet users, in fact,it is responsible for over 60 million created websites. With each new idea, entrepreneurs are looking for a software system to design a professional website to blog on. The first step of innovation is finding the problem. After brainstorming a solution, the trick is the correct communication. Entrepreneurs can use WordPress to spread the word about their idea through social media or a link to their personal page. Make a name for yourself online, use WordPress.