It has been a whirlwind semester for the Graphrite team. From a fledgling idea at the beginning of the semester to the second place winner of the Grove City VentureBattle at the end of the semester, a lot has expanded, exploded, changed and transformed. Including our concept of the company. While I can’t go into privy detail, I’m very excited to say that the Graphrite will continue. It is a big green light for us.

Our roles and goals will shift dramatically, but in the most positive way I can think of. I’m more than excited to see where it takes us. Keith, Maddie, Sam and I are all moving away from each other, but we’ll remain in close contact. Our timeline looks good going forward and we’re all ready to put in whatever elbow grease it takes. Of course we couldn’t do this without so many people, the most influential and important being Dr. English. She helped us understand and move forward with this business in a way that was and is remarkable. Likewise all the judges of the VentureBattle taught us to really think that our idea was worth believing in and pursuing. We look forward to putting our winnings to good use.

A few important things remain the same:

  • We are committed to a quality product and the Graphrite brand.
  • We are committed to each other as a team, and as friends.
  • We are committed to education and learning as the highest priorities of the Graphrite tool.

While our roles within the position experience a slight shift, and the company bend moves a little bit as well, we’re excited with where it’s going and what we’ll be doing. That for me, and the rest of the Graphrite team, is what means the most for us. Being excited about the project is what is most important to all of us, and as a team committed to unanimity that’s where we’re heading.

To future VentureLab teams: best of luck. We know you’ll make great things.