Harvest is generally thought of as a season, the time of year when farmers bring in their full grown crops that they planted in the spring and reap the benefits of their labor.  While this is true, in our modern times, Harvest is also something quite different. Harvest is a technology tool for entrepreneurs.  The company defines itself as “a time tracking and online invoicing application for freelancers and small businesses.”

Harvest provides a way for businesses to keep track of time spent on projects for customers.  It has built in timesheets that allow employees to track their billable and non-billable expenses and time.  This information can then be used to quickly generate invoices for customers, even in different currencies.  Through the use of this online application, businesses can also create and send estimates to customers.  While providing its own data reporting, including budget management, data can also be exported from Harvest to be used in custom reports.

Harvest is not only useful in itself, but can be used in conjunction with other apps such as PayPal.  It also can be used on mobile devices, allowing business owners and their employees to keep track of their time while away from the office.  Harvest keeps their online application updated, integrating new features that improve the ease of use of their product.

Harvest creates value for its business customers by saving them precious time.  This then allows businesses to focus on creating value for their own customers.  Harvest is a helpful businesses tool that provides entrepreneurs with the ability to reap the benefits of their hard work by making time tracking and invoicing simple.