Valuable content means nothing unless people are drawn to it. Someone can write the best online guide to candle-making in the world but if they advertise it with the title, “Candles” almost nobody will want to read it, let alone purchase it. The same idea goes for social media posts. In world where people decide whether to follow a company based on 120 characters or less, captivating one’s audience is critical. Unfortunately, creating headlines that draw people in is often a strenuous process, especially for small businesses or new entrepreneurs who have to create and update regularly.

Portents presents an inspiring, and often humorous, solution to this kind of social media writer’s block. Type in any topic and it will generate ideas for you on what to post about and what to title it that will grip your audience. It transforms the classically tedious process of content brainstorming into a whirlwind of excitement and epiphanies. When I found Portents, my roommate and I spent an hour generating ideas for her informative essay on Pasta that she has to write for her Writing 101 class, just because we enjoyed it so much. I genuinely think Portents has made both of us better people. Because of its sketched-out tips pointing at each title, I think differently about content. I think more strategically about the way others view posts and how to catch their attention. I now look forward to coming up with headlines for social media posts and essays, a task I used to dread and procrastinate on before.

P.S. Portents generated that title for me.