As I begin typing this post, I currently have two email accounts up and running, a photo sharing site, facebook, and googlemaps, none of which will be of any use to me in accomplishing my task of finishing my blog post. In fact, they are often a detriment, especially for those pesky sites that like to flash notifications in the tab description. They are all tools that I love, but when it’s 0200hrs and I have two chapters to read, something as simple as consulting can turn into an online shopping spree, and seeing what my recent acquaintances have consumed for dinner on facebook. I have outlined the problem, and LeechBlock outlines the solution. LeechBlock allows you to enter your working hours, and sites that you would like to block during these working hours. This is a much more efficient solution than, say, disconnecting your computer from the internet, or the fruitless battle to just ignore the distractions. The feature that I will find to be helpful is that it also regulates the time that I work. If I promise myself to begin working on a paper at 1700hrs, usually I manage to find an excuse to “keep going” with whatever I’m doing for “just a few more minutes”. Now I can finally start working on time, and do it without distractions. I am in the process of downloading LeechBlock now, and I hope that my fellow entrepreneurs will have more time for great ideas, thanks to less distractions!