MailChimp has all the tools for you to launch an effective email marketing campaign, while at the same time mixing this marketing with humor. ChimpMail offers a vast variety of services, although you do need to pay for some of them. These services are vast and include being able to easily connect and update social networking sites so you can share your email campaigns, being able to determine what each email will look like on various subscribers (gmail, yahoo, Outlook, etc.) so that you know you’re sending out information that looks great every time. MailChimp allows you to either use one of your own email designs or one of their hundreds of professionally designed, sleek and creative templates, it also makes sure that your emails will never end up in your subscribers’ spam folder. Possibly the most useful feature of MailChimp is how the service collects and analyses your data and shows you the information in visual representations, such as graphs and charts. This allows you to know who to send emails to again, if the subscriber deleted the email, and which links your subscribers click on the most.

The dashboard on MailChimp is the headquarters of all your activities with the service. You can see all of your past and current marketing campaigns, compare these campaigns, import and add contacts, and determine what information you should send to what users. All of these great options are coupled with great one on one personal service and customer service, as well as a forum for improvements that the company should make in the future. MailChimp helps can help any business or startup to successfully and professionally start an email marketing campaign, all at little to no cost. This is invaluable to any entrepreneur in today’s business environment.