Microsoft OneNote is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs to stay organized. OneNote is software for Microsoft operating systems that allows you to put your notes into individual folders so you can keep track over everything, whether it is your school subjects, or business ideas. One of the best things about Microsoft OneNote is that it saves all of your work to the cloud automatically. You can access your notes on your phone, laptop, and tablet. Since your notes are saved on the cloud, even if all of your devices are somehow destroyed you can still access your information at a later time on a completely different device, even at

You can edit information on one device, then go to the next one and see that it has been changed there too. With OneNote you make a folder (ex. Fall 2014), then within this folder you can create sections (ex. Math, Science, History), within those sections you can create different pages (ex. Day one, Day two), so everything is easily organized. If you have the app on your phone you can even take pictures of the whiteboard in class or at a business meeting and the software will translate the words on the whiteboard into text, so at a later time if you search for a specific word the app will even pull up pictures that have that word in them. If you have a tablet PC you can even take handwritten notes on the laptop and OneNote can translate your notes into text for you.

You can draw on your notes pages to add a visual aid to an idea or blueprint. One particular use for OneNote for entrepreneurs is that it makes it easier to collaborate with others; you can post notes or pictures and others that are on your account can see them also. OneNote is a great way to keep notes, to-do lists, or ideas and It makes it easy to share those notes with others. The only downside to OneNote is that it isn’t exactly cross platform friendly, being that it is a Microsoft product.