I love looking for new mobile apps.  A recent favorite of mine is Mint for financial organization.  Using Mint, you can keep track of your checking and savings accounts, set budgets, get alerts, categorize your finances, track your investments, and see your credit score.  You make one account and it syncs between all of your devices.

Mint is awesome because it has a simple layout that makes it easy to check all your financial information at once.  I used to hate checking and organizing my finances.  It was always an overwhelming process. When I got Mint, everything became a lot quicker and less intimidating.

I think Mint is an especially good resource for college students.  A lot of us are just starting to get serious about our finances and Mint walks you through that process.  It comes with a blog that gives financial advice of all sorts.  For example, they had a post a few days ago called, “An Education in College Savings” that talks about some of their resources for students. A couple of weeks before that, they had a post highlighting the best finance books for college students.

I find Mint extremely helpful and I love that I can keep it on my phone.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get more organized financially.  It helped me a lot.