Entrepreneurs are a unique group of people with unique problems. Two of the problems that entrepreneurs face are finding funding and finding people with the skills which they themselves may be lacking. Onevest seeks to solve both of these issues. Onevest is an online resource created in June of 2014 as a merger of the two companies RockThePost and CoFoundersLab. These two companies together as Onevest provide entrepreneurs with a unique way to connect with investors and potential business partners.

RockThePost is the original investing portion of Onevest.  It is a crowdfunding company that allows entrepreneurs who meet the qualifications to obtain investments from reliable sources to help fund their startup.  The company also hosts an online event called Digital Demo Day.  This event allows certain startups to share about their companies with potential investors.  RockThePost allows entrepreneurs to raise funds necessary for their business from accredited investors.

CoFoundersLab is an online social networking site where entrepreneurs can connect with each other to search for potential business partners who have the skills that they need to make their business run successfully. The entrepreneur can create a profile and search for other like-minded entrepreneurs whose skills could be useful to them. CoFoundersLab also hosts events throughout the country that allow entrepreneurs to meet face-to-face with others excited about the entrepreneurial journey.

RockThePost and CoFoundersLab together as Onevest create a great resource for the entrepreneur as he works on getting his business started. It allows him to get funding that he may never be able to raise on his own and to connect with others that could become a valuable asset to his business.