Website optimization is crucial in today’s competitive page rank landscape in the growing internet entrepreneurship world. recommends following four steps to optimize your website to get more people on your page:

Step one: Target Market Business Analysis

Step one encompasses figuring out who your true market is and gearing your analysis towards serving your audience’s needs. It is critically important to understand who is actually buying your product and gearing your platform towards serving them. Are your meta sets/keywords, code, targeted search terms, and visible text optimized to your audience? You do your homework and study your customer, basically for this step.

Step two: Keyword Research and Development

Keyword research is about your key words and phrases in your content on the web. When people type in those keywords, the goal is to get your page visible to them. For step two, are you prioritizing the right keywords? Monitor the progress you have made on your ranking. Finally, lay out where you hope to realistically be.

Step three: Content Optimization and Submission

Content optimization refers to your ability to optimize the pages on your site to make it more attractive to search engines and viewers. For step three, create meta tags and page titles. Place your fundamental search phrases on pages to increase your ranking. Develop new site maps to help gain a favorable ranking with Google.

Step four: Continuous Testing and Measuring

Step four is all about continuing to test what works and measuring the results. Play around with different phrases and keywords and see if one sticks and makes a difference. Does this slight modification help or hurt my rank? Continuing to update your site to stay with the times is also huge. Search engine rankings are always changing and opportunities can arise. Is your content still relevant that you originally put in comparison to where you are today?

Following these four steps will lead to an increase in page rank, exposure, and traffic on your site. More traffic = more sales!

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