Paypal is a tool very helpful tool for entrepreneurs because in the end, you need to have a way to get money from your customers.  Paypal allows you to set up an account with an email address and then link that account to your bank account, credit card, etc.  You can use Paypal to accept payments from your customers through your website or send custom invoices to customers.  I used to only be able to buy and sell shoes locally but Paypal has enabled me to expand and buy and sell shoes from across the country.  Major websites also accept paypal as a form of payment which makes it convenient since you do not have to enter all of your credit card information everything you make a purchase, just your email address and password.

Buyer and seller protection is also important when doing online transactions and Paypal has a resolution center to help resolve any issues that arise.  I have personally been using Paypal for a couple years now and although it is not perfect, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a way to do business online.