Imagine yourself as a young entrepreneur trying to find your way through the ferocious waters of the real world.  Now imagine you have this great idea for a business but you have the artistic ability of a well educated fly and you wander how you are ever going to come up with a logo that will inspire a generation.  Well for the price of a foot-long this logo is within your grasp.

Fiverrr is a unique tool that many start-up business are using to help them get a foot in the door.  Fiverrr is a website that pairs consumers with people who are willing to do anything from be your fake girlfriend to design your logo and anything in between for only 5$.  For small start ups this is a great way to get a start on a good logo or get your name out there on social media and all for only 5$! For only 5 bucks you might not end up with Davinci quality but you might get an idea that will spark you to find what you are really searching for. With such a small over head we shouldn’t be surprised to see entrepreneurs everywhere flocking to this strangely unique website