Entrepreneurs are constantly meeting new people and trying to expand their circle of acquaintances. This calls for the need to master the art of small talk. Knowing someone’s name and being able to connect with them can be vital in building trust and friendships with fellow businessmen and even potential investors. Meetings filled with no personal connection and just business talk can be very awkward and ineffective. Refresh helps you to make connections with people by connecting with them on more than a pure business level.

Refresh helps you to “discover common ground for better conversations”. By searching through  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sources on the web, it tells you information about a person that you may be meeting for the first time, or that you may not know much about. This allows you to use this information to create great conversations. It also provides a picture of the person so that if you haven’t met them yet, you can recognize them instantly, making introductions easy.

In addition to these basic features, Refresh also can connect to your calender to remind you of meetings and give you automatic information on the people that you are meeting. It also searches through your history with a contact to tell you about your last meeting with them as well as your first email. While it does access your social media accounts, Refresh is a safe app that promises your privacy. This app is extremely useful in making personal connections with other people, that can ultimately set you apart from other entrepreneurs to potential investors.