For a lot of small businesses and start up companies, keeping track of product and inventory is the last thing on your mind. You’re more worried about marketing, the quality of your product, and a plethora of other external problems. in 1995, Mikel Elliot, the son of a movie grip, started his own film company. Quixote studios quickly gained steam, but realized they were using a lot of money due to inventory damage and forgetfulness. Enter Record 360, the ultimate tool for tracking and inventory accountability.

Mikel used the app to help keep track his ever moving network of film and crew vehicles. It streamlined the process, and provided compatibility across ios devices and android phones. It also provided an insurance policy for any delivered inventory or goods that was sold. This provided increased customer relationships and returning business.

For the modern entrepreneur, apps like this provided early organization and accountability. A valuable resource for people that don’t often focus on the details of a business, and that focus more on the big picture.