For the last couple of years, Snapchat has dominated the scene of instant picture and video messaging with consistent popularity among younger markets of mobile users. Many small app companies have tried but failed at attempts to hijack the millions of “Snappers” that post, text, and vlog on the app on a daily basis. However, one startup may soon change all that. Enter the scene Beme. The brainchild of videographer and YouTube vlog guru Casey Neistat, and former tumblr head of brand marketing and strategy Matt Hackett. This app was developed with one purpose in mind: to keep your eyes off the screen, and with the way things are going, their goal is becoming realized with the increasing downloads from people everywhere.

Once Beme is downloaded from the store, users can create a profile, but only unlock the app by the entry of an unlock code from an “unlocked” user who has at his or her disposal limitless codes for such a purpose. This helps users build a real network of friends and followers who will interact with them on a reoccurring basis. Video taken on the app is only possible by covering the front censor on your iPhone or Android device, and once recorded instantly posts as a story for all your followers to see. The fact that users cannot preview their videos beforehand may be unnerving to the self-conscious teen, but it is a move that quote “removes the fakeness of internet personas” says Casey. Whether or not Beme’s popularity will continue to grow remains to be seen, however they have found a unique way to get users to promote realness and genuine personal experience, ideas that today are hard to come by on an ever increasing narcissistic web.