The buyer’s journey is a term used to describe the process in which a prospect purchases a product. According to co-founder of DoInbound, Gray Mackenzie, this process is broken down into 3 separate stages. These stages are the Awareness Stage, the Consideration Stage, and the Decision Stage.

The Awareness Stage: This stage is simply the time in which the consumer has a problem that is yet to be solved. In this stage, a salesperson is able to identify that problem and begin to shape his/her pitch accordingly. The consumer’s problem is one of the most crucial aspects within a sale. If a salesperson is able to maintain focus on a prospect’s problem or pain, he/she will appear more genuine and trustworthy.

The Consideration Stage: This stage is all about the consumers’s developing of an understanding of the options for a solution his/her problem. In this stage the consumer will take into consideration all the pros and cons the options for a solution will concern.

The Decision Stage: As the name implies, the decision stage starts when the consumer makes a decision about his/her preferred solution. Once the decision is made, it is now a matter of the consumer choosing one of various competing companies to provide that solution for them. When the consumer decides on which company will fulfill his/her need, they will make this final purchase.