Do you see the tsunami of opportunity approaching?

I’m speaking, of course, of the Social Entrepreneurship Revolution. Generations Y and Z created a trend during the 2010’s of socially conscious for-profit businesses. Companies like Warby Parker and Tom’s Shoes are able to make a difference in the world by peddling products that are co-branded with social causes. In the case of Tom’s, they donate one article of their clothing for each sale they make – because of this, they’ve grown tremendously over the years.

No trend would exist without demand, and Generations Y & Z are demanding meaning behind their purchases like never before. Here lies the opportunity – this business model is incredibly transferable, finding its way into a growing number of markets. It appears as though virtually any social cause is able to achieve steady funding by co-branding with a product or service.

As Christian entrepreneurs, our team sees it as our duty to benefit society with our God-given talents.

Enter our U.S. Veterans – honorable men & women who previously worked in the highest service to our country. They deserve a red carpet rolled out when they return home, yet unfortunately this is often not the case. Many return with physical and mental injuries that require outside assistance. Unfortunately, these individuals are underserved as charities are preoccupied with more ‘fashionable’ causes.

Here lies the core mission of Chute: utilizing the power entrepreneurship to the benefit of the Veteran community. We acquire otherwise discarded Military surplus materials – mainly parachutes -, manufacture them into quality outdoors gear, and direct a portion of our profits to Veterans assistance. Our products provide the customer with a tangible representation of their love for Veterans.

Our first goal is to assist 50 veterans in reaching a better quality of life. If you you’d like to help us reach this goal, follow our journey on social media and visit!

And if you’re an entrepreneur…by all means, join the Social Entrepreneurship Revolution!