For most business individuals and entrepreneurs, twitter is a valuable resource, and provides access to both professionals and celebrities that would be almost impossible to contact via other means of social media. As useful as this app can be, it can often become too jumbled and messy because of the sheer amount of information and news that is shared by users. This can make it hard for businesses to keep track of customer reactions and customer interests. Many applications can be plugged into twitter to fix this, but one social networking app  called TwitterFeed really helps a business with posting to twitter.

One of the main features is the sheer amount of feeds one can combine into one homepage. This can really come in handy for when a niche company wants to see what kinds of people are posting about their business or type of business. This can also save a company both time and money, as they now do not have to hire multiple employees to manage multiple social media pages.

Managing a company can be stressful and time consuming. Many people, and startups specifically, do not have the time to always be updating social media, so an app like this can definitely consolidate their time and keep them updated on one simple feed. A good feature for those who understand time is also money.