Understanding online users’ behavior is essential for any online company.  You cannot sell to a target market that does not exist.  Understanding online shopping behavior is also super important, especially so for e-commerce sites.  Shopping online has grown exponentially over the years and it’s a very different playing field than brick and mortar stores.  The methods and psychology of marketing to online shoppers are incredibly different than that of marketing to in-store shoppers.

Going Social and Telling Stories

When people are searching and shopping online they need a compelling reason to buy whatever you’re selling.  There needs to be narrative behind your brand, products, and website.  Because potential buyers don’t physically see what it is they are thinking about buying, they have to imagine how it will affect and be a part of their lives.  By creating a narrative and story around your brand and product, you better convince them of this possible imagination.

Customers also want something to get behind.  Be sure to curate and grow community around your brand.  It’s a quick turnoff to a potential buyer when they believe no one else is engaging with your brand, website, or social media.

Exclusivity and Gratification

Consumers love exclusivity, whether they are purchasing something exclusive or they are a part of an exclusive membership within a site.  The brand Supreme is a perfect example of this.  They’re able to sell t-shirts and hoodies for exorbitant rates and people buy them up.

Lastly, be sure to give your customers instant gratification, both when they enter the site and when they leave the site.  You want the potential buyer to feel welcomed to your site and then be excited and anticipating their order after they’ve placed it.  When they enter the site you can give them a 10% off coupon and after they’ve placed their order you can upgrade their product or shipping for free to make them feel better about their order.