Are you looking to snag a job right out of High School? If you are, you may be worried that you may not have the experience to land the job that you want. Well, don’t worry my dudes, this is where Simcoach Games comes in. Here at Simcoach Games, we respect those who go against the grain and choose to start working right out of High School. So, to help you guys find that first job, we’ve created games that simulate the working environments you will be entering. Here are some of the games we’ve made so far:

Hooked! This game simulates operating a tower crane on a construction site. Can you be the best operator?

BOO-eys! Are you a problem solver? Yeah? Well, I bet you can’t make it to the last level!

Help! People aren’t using harnesses properly. Play this game to learn how to practice proper harness safety.

We created these games for you; yes YOU! By playing these games you are practicing the very skills you will be using every day on the job. We hope that you give us a chance and decide to check out these games. Who knows, maybe you will learn something new! If you have any questions regarding these games, or career placement in general, feel free to email Simcoach Games by visiting this link.Thanks for reading, and we hope that these apps help you land your first job!