The struggle

For an entrepreneur it can be annoying when you think of an awesome idea but don’t have anything to write on so you forget it. It’s also annoying when you’re trying to remember new tasks to write down and you forget them. If you happen to be an organized person that writes things down, it is annoying when you don’t have your list on you and you need to look at it. Carrying a notepad can be one solution to this, but notes smudge, get wet, get misplaced, and they are one more bulky thing to carry around. Wunderlist is an app that is a solution to these problems. It also has other features that the notepad could never make possible.

What is Wunderlist?

Wunderlist is a cloud based app that is purely for managing tasks. Tasks are organized into your lists, due dates and reminders can be set, and the tasks are uploaded to the cloud to be saved and synced to all your devices. This allows tasks and notes to be created accessed away from your desk with ease if you already carry a smartphone.  At the same time the ones on your computer are kept in sync as well. Lists can be shared with others to allow group collaboration, which is a useful feature for entrepreneurs. Also, Wunderlist strives to keep their app as slick, simple, and easy as possible to use. This adds the most value in my opinion. If a task managing app is complex it is of no interest to me.

Is Wunderlist or Evernote better?

These two apps may seem to compete at a glance, but they are quite different and have their values in different areas. The better question to ask is which app best suits your needs. While they both offer a similar service, Evernote, as the name implies, allows notes to be made that remember everything. Text, pictures, audio, files, PDF’s, and other digital content can all be stored in Evernote. This makes Evernote more geared for big notes and large content. Wunderlist differs by believing less is more. Wunderlist is designed for saving simple content such as TODO’s and short notes. Their goal is to provide the easiest way to get stuff done. When considering the two apps it all depends on what is trying to be accomplished. You may even choose to use both since they compliment each other nicely.

Wunderlist’s value to the entrepreneur

Wunderlist makes it easy to save all your reminders and ideas whether at a desk or on the go. If you are the type that is always juggling ideas as well as the things you need to get done throughout the day, then Wunderlist can help make sure you remember them and stay productive. I’ll also mention that it’s free. You can find it here if interested