Wolverine Venture Battle (WVB)

There is no one right way to start a venture. Therefore, the path to success in the real world entails competing with teams who use many different approaches to achieve the same goal: funding. The Wolverine Venture Battle (WVB) simulates the real world by allowing teams to compete for prize money without the confines of a cumbersome administratively heavy business plan competition. The Wolverine Venture Battle is open to both social and commercial teams.


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Cedric E. Lewis, JD/MBA


Who Should Participate?

The competition is not limited to business and entrepreneurship majors. In fact, this competition has been deliberately designed for all majors to be comfortable participating. We’re looking for:

  • GCC students interested in enhancing their presentation skills
  • GCC students who want to explore the idea of starting a new venture – social or commercial
  • GCC students who enjoy hands-on learning experiences
  • GCC students with competitive spirits who are ready to have fun and win cash prizes

Important Dates
  • Feb. 13:  Informational Meeting, HAL 316 @ 4PM
  • Feb. 17:  Registration Deadline
  • March 23:  Deadline to submit proof of concept
  • May 5:  Wolverine Venture Battle 2017 and Innovation Showcase

Wolverine Venture Battle Format

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Round One

Round Two

Round Three