Internet Marketing has been around since businesses have been able to access the internet.  Internet Marketing helps businesses drive traffic to their website, generate leads, and ultimately make sales.  It is essential to have a good internet marketing strategy in this day and time.  Here are 3 key internet marketing strategies you will want to have for 2018.

A New Era of Digital TV Advertising

Now when I say “TV” I don’t want you to think of cable TV or traditional TV as we know it.  How we watch TV has radically changed from how it used to be.  Almost no one watches cable anymore.  Most people have switched over to streaming services.  Companies providing these services include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, and even Facebook.  Most people will watch “TV” on one of these platforms, this means the market for advertising has shifted to these digital platforms as well.  Make it a priority to advertise your business on these platforms.  Local TV commercials are practically worthless for driving business.  Make sure your budget lets you allocate your ads to these platforms as well as Google.  Advertising on these online platforms will yield high results for your venture.

Mobile Video

Having a mobile-friendly website and content is absolutely essential to any online business in 2018.  One key point to note about this is how much mobile video consumption has risen.  It is expected rise another 25% this year and is predicted to decline on laptops and computers.  Having a mobile video strategy is essential.  It may be a good idea to focus on creating mobile-focused video advertisement as well as optimizing your site for mobile traffic, as most of the visitors are probably searching on mobile.

A Hyperlocal Digital World

While you may think the Internet has made it hard for local businesses to compete with massive competitors, the opposite is true instead.  The digital landscape has made it incredibly easy for a local business to advertise and interact with customers.  Both Google and Facebook have created specific software so that users can easily find local businesses near them.  This is huge!  This gives local businesses and companies the ability to compete with competitor giants.  Wherever you are located or operate out of, make sure Google and Facebook have ALL your specific business information and utilize their local marketing services as they will give you a massive advantage.  Think local and think digital and you have a golden money-making recipe.