Blogging: everyone is doing it. At least, everyone is trying to do it. However, if they are doing it well is a different issue. While it may seem unwise to jump into a space that is already so crowded, having a blog (especially on your professional website of a product/service) has many benefits that can really elevate your web presence to the next level.

Original Content Creation
Having a blog built in to your company’s domain is an excellent way to establish your brand as an expert on the subject. It can also show that there’s more to the super polished corporate image to your brand. It can show that the organization is run by people who genuinely care for their customers. That is something that not enough companies realize goes a long way with consumers.

Boost SEO
Original content creation is a huge bolster to SEO rankings. Not only is this content more likely to appear on a search engine results page (SERP), but it also will help generate more inbound links, with other companies and organizations hopefully linking to your pages. If done well, original blog content helps bring in more traffic to your website from outside sources.

Social Media Support
Blog content can also double as social media content and email newsletters. Today, more and more companies can be seen with the “Check out the link in our bio” heading on their social media timeline to direct customers back to their company’s blog. Directing social media followers to the company website/blog is a great way to increase conversions from visitors to customers.

Final Thoughts
In short, blogging for your company/service’s website is incredibly easy. It requires minimal extra effort to do, and the benefits are incredible. Creating content to boost SEO rankings leverages competition between multi-million dollar brands and small entrepreneurial endeavors. Most companies don’t find it worth the effort to create content such as this. However, creating a simple action plan is essentially all that’s needed. If you’re able to, hiring an extra employee to handle content would pay for itself in the long run. For a more short term solution, hiring an intern for more immediate success would also get the job done. Luckily for you, if you are in need of an intern, I know a guy that would be happy to help out with this endeavor.