Entrepreneurial vlogs

Casey Neistat is a film maker and entrepreneur who started on you-tube in 2010. He was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut on March 25, 1981 and moved to Manhattan, New York City when he was 20. More recently he has founded a video sharing platform called Beme and has crossed 1 billion views on you-tube. He has had massive success and he has been taking advantage of his name recognition by making connections with large businesses, like Samsung or Sony for instance.

Neistat has made very eye opening videos about his average day and after watching them I would credit Neistat’s work ethic and personality for his success. He is always working or spending time with his family. He has made his hobbies into his work, and thoroughly enjoys what he does.

Some of Neistat’s recent awards

  • First place for Streamy Awards best first-person series (2016)
  • GQ’s Media Star of the Year (2016)
  • John Cassavetes Award (2010)


Casey Neistat plays as himself in the movie Nerve directed by Ariel Schulman, a friend of Casey’s. The movie features a short cameo of Casey as a player of this augmented reality game that the movie’s story line focuses on. The movie premiered on July 12, 2016.

He can be seen at 0:16 of Nerve official trailer #1