Drop shipping is a common business model used by internet entrepreneurs. It allows individuals to market products supplied straight from manufacturers or large distributors. They sell these products usually for smaller profit margins however there is no risk of unsold inventory.

I became aware of this business model after reading an article written on reddit by a member that goes by Klotch. He explains how drop shipping allowed him to quit his job and earn a $100,000 yearly salary. He describes the process and ways to control and strengthen your drop shipping brand.

I liked this article. It caused me to look for other successful drop shipping businesses. Survival Medical, Guardian Survival, and Wynit are all outdoor gear drop shipping companies. They are proof that this model can work.

The New Pine, started by Grove City College students Michael Slattery and John Popham, is a somewhat successful eCommerce business utilizing the drop shipping business model.

Drop shipping is a great option that new startup internet entrepreneurs can utilize to make steady margins and limit risk.