Can business be used as missions? 

If there was one question relating to missions that causes an insane amount of debate, it’s this one. Not to say that I’m the “end-all-be-all” person to answer this question (trust me, I’m definitely not). I am only here to give my two cents.

On that note….

Yes. Yes it can. In a million ways and in a million countries (yes, I know there aren’t even close to a million countries). For me, the question isn’t CAN business be used as missions, but HOW?

Again, there are a million ways that this could be done, but since I can’t give you all the ways that this has been done, I give you Exhibit A.


A recent Grove City College Alumni created an app called DonorSee. DonorSee is a free fundraising platform for projects that missionaries are trying to accomplish. Not only does it aid in fundraising, it allows the donors to see what their money is going towards by providing picture updates, and sends your phone notifications on how that project is going.

This all started when Gret Glyer (’12) spent time in Malawi in an orphanage. Through some local friends, he found out about a woman who was in dire need of a house, especially with monsoon season quickly approaching. Fundraising was tough, but he was able to pull off the house for this woman (a day before the rains started).

Through other projects similar to this (like buying a bike, buying a village mosquito nets, and building a school), Glyer became an intimate friend with the fundraising struggles. But he also realized how much of an impact sending pictures and updates had on those who donated.

So, DonorSee was born. Their goal: to change the world.

And let me tell you, they are well on their way. On a Facebook post, DonorSee was able to brag about their immense success in just the first 48 hours of launching:

DonorSee is not only using business for missions, they’re bringing it past the typical “missions organizations” that pop into mind when “business” and “missions” are heard in the same sentence. They’re bringing it into the mobile field.

Game. Changer.

They’re making it easier to be involved in missions, and making it easier to see the impact that you are having on the world.

So, how can business be used as missions? Exhibit A: DonorSee.

If you want to know more about what DonorSee’s all about, here’s a short video produced by GCC’s own Gret Glyer.