By day, this post is known as “The Hardest Part of Starting Up.”

Have you ever tried to build a sandwich with a friend while the both of you sit atop a speeding motorcycle? If you answered “yes,” then you and I have both worked on a startup while attending college

I can’t exactly speak to what it’s like to develop a startup outside of college. Perhaps it is equally if not more difficult – I’m sure it is. What I CAN share with you, however, is the fervor of developing Chute from the ground-up this past semester.

Let’s start with universal knowledge – college is difficult. Especially if you undertake the rigor of GCC. You have five new disciplines to learn at one time, complete with classes, homework, books to read, and exams. Let’s call your classes the burger.

Don’t forget to squeeze those 16 chapel credits in. Maybe you were negligent (like me) and started the semester with 25 chapel credits. These are the pickles.

Now, let’s add in your social life. Assumedly, you have friends that want to share pleasant life experiences with you while you’re both still young and (mostly) unburdened by the real world. After all, you’ve only got four years here! Once it’s gone, have fun with student loans, mortgages, cubicles, marriage, babies, rapid passage of time, and wrinkles. Leisure is the delicious fried egg on your sandwich.

What’s that? You’re cognizant of your physical health? Good luck finding an hour a day to hit the gym. Beware of the post-gym drowsiness – if you had work that needed done that night, you are now up a creek. Exercise is your veggies – avocado, lettuce, & tomato.

Your family is going to want a catch-up call at least once a week, just to make sure you’re still alive. Inevitably, some sort of family emergency will occur during your time at school. Family time is the toothpick the holds your sandwich intact.

Let’s not forget that you need money to survive on the day to day. Add in a part-time job, and let it represent the bun.

Finally, it is time for the secret sauce…building a business! While an incredibly rewarding layer to add onto a college regimen, it is also a toughie. With this many commitments to balance, even if your time management skills are sublime, you’re gonna have to make sacrifices. Leisure & socializing are the first to go. Second is a homework every now and then. Maybe skip a couple chapters of that book.

Wait, did we forget sleep? Don’t worry – that’s quite normal.

Time flies. You don’t have the stillness of a kitchen setting to build this sandwich. One must learn to create art while speeding down the highway.

Ever built a sandwich on a motorcycle? You will be proud and outspoken on this accomplishment for as long as you live.