SEO is an integral part of any business strategy to drive traffic to your site and to your brand. There are two main types of SEO: paid and organic. For young entrepreneurs, focusing solely on organic SEO is a good practice, because it only costs an investment of time, and will your budget intact. Incorporating good SEO practices into your site is crucial, because it will help your SERP standing and will lead to more visible page standings on Google.

On the other hand, paid SEO can at times be forgotten about, because many young entrepreneurs do not have the space in their budget to pour into their paid SEO strategy. At times, it can be pretty costly too.

However, if factoring cost into this is your main point of contention, think of it this way: it’s costing you time to invest into developing organic SEO practices in your website. Paid SEO costs a fraction of the time, but it does cost money. The time you save will allow you to focus on other aspects of your startup, which could prove useful. In short, factoring both paid and organic SEO into your overall strategy will be beneficial.

The good news is there’s so much crossover between the two, so, it’s not extra work that will ultimately produce minimal results. Paid search can target specific content a young entrepreneur will already create: blog posts, podcasts, social media posts, images, videos, etc. All it will take is the extra steps to set it up and develop the strategy behind it.

When considering SEO strategies, don’t think about what’s going to be the most “cost effective” route, but rather think of the most holistic approach. This way, you can consider both paid plans and organic practices to maximize the leverage between yourself and your competitors.