The hardest part of starting up – where do I start?  There are so many difficulties in the early stages of a business.  Most that I have experienced have been around the business concept in itself.  Oftentimes, startups have to solve a huge problem or they won’t be successful.  Since startup businesses are increasingly more common, aspiring entrepreneurs should know that getting the business up and running poses an enormous challenge.  The amount of moving parts are innumerable – one needs luck, preparation, motivation, connections, and a good deal of strategy.  Even with these prerequisites the road is strenuous and uncertain.

When you’re in the “startup” phase, individuals will encourage your business idea.  Even if they don’t think it is very great – most people will encourage you to your face because the idea of starting your own business is impressive.  However, don’t let this fool you, even if someone likes the “concept” of your idea, told by you, will they actually use it?  Who knows.

In order to get accurate feedback, most of the time you need results.  That requires sticking your neck out as a salesman for your product and asking individuals to purchase.  This is what I do with tea bottles – my bottles tea business, Té Amo, has had 2,600 bottle sales in 6 months time.  But just because we have had 2,600 bottle sales doesn’t mean my concept is proven – not at all.  This could mean people were just thirsty at the time and wanted to support a young dude selling tea on a sidewalk.  This isn’t a million dollar business – this is just a guy selling a beverage.

The hardest part of starting up is uncertainty.  The whole time you work towards your business goals – but what if nobody (or not that many) people actually want what you are offering?  You have wasted months, if not years, of your time, money, energy, and credibility.  This is the hardest part of starting up.

I don’t know if Té Amo will be successful or not – but its a great learning experience.  One that I am attempting to take advantage of as a college student to supplement my learning and keep myself busy (out of trouble).  This is a positive to my startup journey, among the various hardships.