Now a days businesses use online communities to pull there customers together. Online communities can take many forms depending on the nature of the product or service the business is providing. Blogs and forums established by companies can be added seamlessly to a company’s website to allow users to connect with one another about their experience with the company. Social media is different though in that it is an already established community space where companies can make their own social media accounts to be able to connect with customers. Now that these communities have existed for so long the content in these places is demanded to be different to stand out.

One way that companies are attempting to become more user friendly is by launching user generated online campaigns.These online campaigns capture customers attention and usually show customers exciting things that actual people are doing with the company’s product. For example, Apple ran a user-generated campaign with their new apple iPhone camera called ‘shot on iPhone’. This highlighted the iPhone’s brand new high-tech camera that they were now including in the new iPhone X. This also showed iPhone users using these cameras to capture really interesting parts of these users lives. Most of the pictures were action shots or pictures of the users environment. IPhone not only successfully showed off the high specs on their cameras but also compiled an account of pictures showing off cool things that iPhone users were doing. This subliminally persuaded consumers interested in buying an iPhone to go make the purchase so that they could be taking pictures of their lives. One of the biggest advantages to a marketing campaign like this is the low cost to the company. Companies only need to allocate a few campaign managers to decide what pictures will be published on the Apple account. More and more companies are looking to user-generated campaigns because of their genuine content, creativity and low cost to the company.